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September 6–12 2019


The third solo exhibition Linda has held in Hong Kong. 

'Dance is the hidden language of the soul, of the body' – Martha Graham

In this show Linda distills the essence of dancer's art (from Flamenco to Swing, Ballet to Modern) of impassioned movement into another form of art. An exploration of connection, trust, immersion in the moment and emotion, to express what words cannot.

At the Opening, world-renowned Clara Ramona Flamenco Dance performed. Videos and images can be found on Linda's Facebook art page and Instagram.


 INTERVIEW WITH ARTIST: Episode-19-hear-New-Zealand-Artist-Linda-Barnes-discuss-The-Dance-her-latest-solo-exhibition


About FACE

December 1–12 2018


Linda's solo show was at Naked Hub Gallery, Hong Kong.

The human face, through it's complex anatomical construction, is a powerful communicator of emotions. As a figurative expressive artist, Linda finds no other subject as endlessly fascinating and challenging.

Walk through the show:


October–December 2017


Linda's work Aware was chosen and exhibited as one of ten finalists in the Hong Kong section of the international Cliftons Art Prize.

Aware framed – click on image to go to Cliftons Art Prize site.


October 6–9 2017


A Show of Emotion is a series exploring intensely felt emotions.One of 80 artists chosen from around the world, Linda exhibited at Art Next Expo, an art fair held in Hong Kong. From their website: 'Participating artists are selected by a panel of judges comprising leading academics, artists, critics, as well as international gallery owners and collectors.' 

Walk through the show:

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